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ICG Partnership -Evolving Organisations

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My Story

I created ICG Partnership out of my desire to collaborate with a highly experienced, top quality and joyful team of highly effective experts who love designing brilliant programmes,  coaching, facilitating, developing leaders and supporting culture change to deliver on vision, purpose and performance. We share a passion for organisational relationship systems evolution through powerful and intentional conversations. We never stop getting excited and delighted by the difference that these conversations make to the lives of the people we work with, their organisations, communities and the challenges that they care most about transforming. This passion is what continuously drives us to explore the cutting edge for our clients in what makes the most difference to their state of mind, body and spirit and how that impacts their performance. As a team we are committed to bringing soulfulness and high performance onto the same page. We believe that successful organisations are those that are clear about their purpose, invest in caring for their people and are curious about how to powerfully meet the future that is coming our way.  If you share our beliefs and are curious about how our approach could support transforming your business results, call me for taste of what is possible from a conversation with ICG Partnership.

Isabelle Courtney-Guy- Founder

Support That Makes a Difference

Tailored Coaching Solutions

Empowered and Conscious Leaders

In a complex and rapidly changing world the question of how we show up as leaders in a way that feels good, makes a difference to those around us, serves the interests of our stakeholders and takes care of our planet is a challenging one. Our team of exceptional coaches are fascinated and passionate about these topics and will work with you to design a coaching programme that works perfectly for you. Following a coaching programme with us, your people will feel connected to what matters to them and their stakeholders most. They feel clear, in action, awake, confident, producing consistent high performance results and  breakthroughs for themselves and your organisation. We work closely with you to produce value and impact through supporting the sustainable development of inspiring, engaging and high performing leaders that make a real difference in their teams.

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Culture Change Programmes

Creating Aligned and Purpose Driven High Performing Organisations

We believe that an organisation that is clear about its vision and purpose is one that will have the most engaged, innovative and productive people. If you are seeking to engage in the big question of what the your organisational purpose is and how you can create a culture that supports making that purpose a reality, we have a highly passionate and experienced team to support you. We love stimulating and leading powerful and insightful conversations that crystallise what you say your teams are up to in the world. We will work with you to create a tailored programme that develops the right qualities of leadership that correlate beautifully to the culture you want to birth. We will co-design a system structure that includes the development of the right internal resources and skills that will enable you to continually develop and evolve your culture. We keep at the heart of it all, the intention to your keep your people awake and connected to why you are in the business you are in. Lets start the conversation to see what is possible now.

Sustainable Leadership Development Programmes

Creating a potent path for Leadership

We believe that leadership development works most powerfully when closely aligned with your organisational vision and direction. We love to create bespoke programmes to support the development of a an aligned culture. We think that leaders who are curious and committed to creating environments around them that foster engagement, innovation, collaboration and alignment, based on a solid foundation of trust, are the ones that create sustainable high performance and outstanding results. Leaders set the tone and give direction, all those around them observe their behaviours and ways of being. Their influence can transform performance in a moment. Our development programmes are designed to suit the group we are working with, be it C-Suite or emerging leaders. We believe they all have a critical role in manifesting what the beating heart of your organisation really wants. We listen to the relationship systems of your teams and design programmes that work, matching where you are right now and setting you on a clear path to get to where you want to be.

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“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you stay where you are.”

Mark Twain

Man Looking Out to the Mountains

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